Progressive Slots

Right now there is several MGS progressive slots ready to explode. One is over 2 millions dollars which has never been hit yet. Plus the rest are at the range where they normally get hit. It can happen to you as it has for so many other players. When a progressive slot machine hits while playing a screen will pop up saying you are a jackpot winner. Microgaming Casinos have the biggest and best progressive games. So now is the time to try your luck out playing progressive online casino slots. So since this was originally posted there has been some new developments that other players have won major amounts exceeding eight million while a few others have hit around four. Just have to say wow to this as those people have had a life change in a matter of minutes. We all should be so lucky but of course you do have those that seem to have a horseshoe with them. Not saying it is not possible to win one of these jackpots as it is and I know from personal experience, only mine was on a smaller progressive but still a win. It is quite shocking when you do hit as the screen almost locks up and announces you are a winner. On the other hand it is quite exciting after the initial shock is over, knowing that you hit something that doesn’t happen all that often. With Microgaming you will have better chances as they get hit almost everyday, maybe not the real large ones but smaller jackpots are going off all the time which is why we do recommended playing here and most of the casinos listed do pull those progressives in their casino so you will be able to see experience them if you like.